Suzuki Metal Industry Co Ltd acquires valve spring wire maker Haldex Garphyttan Wire

Suzuki Metal with Garphyttan to become global player of Nippon Steel Group’s wire rod business Suzuki Metal Industry Co Ltd to issue news shares to be acquired by Nippon Steel Group to finance the acquisition of Garphyttan AB from Haldex Group On December 25, 2008, Nippon Steel Group and Suzuki Metal Co Ltd announced the […]

NOKIA quits Japan – for now…

NOKIA’s Japan subsidiary was founded on April 3, 1989 – almost 20 years ago. On November 27, 2008 NOKIA announced to terminate selling mobile phones to Japan’s mobile operators, effectively withdrawing from Japan (except for purchasing, R&D and VERTU). NOKIA’s sales figures in Japan were a well kept secret until last week when several Japanese […]

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