Supercell: SoftBank and GungHo acquire 51% for US$ 1.5 billion

Supercell valued at approx. US$ 3 billion Supercell investment leverages paradigm shift, time shift and market disconnects Smartphones and the “freemium” business models are bringing a dual paradigm shift to games and create a new truly global market. To take advantage of this global paradigm shift, its necessary to overcome the cultural disconnects between markets. […]

Otsuka buys Astex Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ASTX) for US$ 886 million

Astex Pharmaceuticals is an oncology drug discovery company based on the Pyramid drug discovery platform in Cambridge (UK) Otsuka buys Astex in a tender offer for US$ 886 million Otsuka buys Astex Pharmaceuticals (formally Astex Therapeutics, UK). Astex Therapeutics is a oncology drug discovery company based in Cambridge, England, and at the time of acquisition […]

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