Brexit Japan impact

Brexit impacts Japanese investments in UK, impacts business and trade between UK and Japan

Brexit Japan impact: Brexit may impact trade and investment flows

Inward investments from Japan to UK: about 1/3 – 1/2 of Japanese investments into the UK is Softbank’s acquisition of ARM

Inward investments from Japan to UK – comparison

  • Japanese investment into UK:
    • 1000 companies,
    • €76bn (£71 billion) of direct investment, (other sources, e.g. New York Times 29 August 2017 estimate Japanese investments in UK as £40 billion (US$ 52)); The Economist: £44bn ($57bn) in 2015 (+investments since 2015, e.g. SoftBank’s acquisition of ARM). Given that total foreign investment by Japan in abroad are approx. US$ 3200 Billion, this means that UK has attracted about 1.6% – 2.7% of all Japanese overseas investments.
    • 140,000 employees
  • German investment into UK:
    • 1300 companies,
    • €110bn of direct investment,
    • 370,000 employees

Thus approximately 1/3 – 1/2 of Japanese investment in UK is SoftBank’s acquisition of ARM, depending on different estimations of the total value of investments.

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