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Market entry to Japan

Several European companies have been established in Japan for 100 years or longer, but the total number and volume of European companies in Japan is still quite low, and there is a very substantial number of large and small European companies which are not yet engaged in Japan.

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EU Japan business, trade, investment, mergers and acquisitions

EU Japan Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

Negotiations for a EU-Japan Free Trade Agreement were officially launched on 25 March 2013 and on 8 December 2017 the negotiations were finalized. We summarize the progress of these negotiations here:

EU Japan cooperation agreements

The European Community – Japan Joint Declaration of 18 July 1991 (The Hague Joint Declaration) declared commonly held values and laid the foundation for many agreements structuring the cooperation between the European Community and Japan.
Today many agreements have been concluded, find a list and explanation of EU-Japan partnership and cooperation agreements here.

EU Japan summit meetings

Since the First EC-Japan Ministerial Meeting in 1984, and the 1st EC-Japan Summit on 18 July 1991 in The Hague, EU-Japan summit meetings take place regularly, find details here.

EU Japan M&A register

EU direct investments in Japan total approximately € 85 billion, while Japanese investments in Europe total about € 150 billion.

Register of M&A transactions between Europe and Japan:

EU-Japan trade in goods and services

Combined trade in goods and services between EU and Japan amounts to approximately EURO 80 billion each each direction, i.e. about EURO 160 billion in total, and is balanced.

EU Japan business and trade register:

Science, technology and innovation

In an annex to the 16th EU-Japan Summit in Berlin on 5 June 2007 the EU and Japan expressed intensions to cooperate further in science, technology and innovation, which led to the EU-Japan Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement of 13 November 2009.
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