Vodafone brand disappears from Japan: Vodafone -> SoftBank rebranding

Vodafone sells Japan operations to Softbank Vodafone brand is replaced by the Softbank brand “SoftBank” replaces “Vodafone” brand in Japan following Vodafone’s decision to sell all Japan operations to the Softbank Group (after Vodafone had previously split off and sold fixed-line and other operations to Softbank in earlier transactions). Photographs below show the world famous […]

Implementing Vodafone’s departure from Japan: SoftBank starts rebranding Vodafone in Japan

Vodafone sold Japan operations to SoftBank The Vodafone brand is replaced by the SoftBank brand all over Japan Saturday June 10, 2006 was the first time we saw SoftBank replacing the Vodafone brand in Japan – bringing a formal end to Europe’s largest ever investment in Japan. Vodafone’s withdrawal from Japan is a turning point […]

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