Sony Barcelona Tec factory sold to Ficosa International SA and Comsa Emte SL

Sony Barcelona Tec technology center manufacturing LCD TV sets for Europe sold Sony Barcelona Tec acquired by Joint Venture between Spanish Companies Ficosa International SA and Comsa Emte SL Sony Barcelona Tec, the SONY Barcelona Technology Center was established in January 1973, and in August 2010 had about 1100 employees and was manufacturing LCD TVs […]

Nokia & Sony Ericsson Results Likely to Disappoint (CNBC TV interview)

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SonyEricsson design team presentation & discussion at the Embassy of Sweden in Tokyo

The SonyEricsson mobile phone design team gave a very impressive presentation of their work at the Swedish Embassy yesterday. Here is Art Director Mr Kawagoi, who created the famous SonyEricsson logo, explaining the messages contained in his creation: Here Swedish Managers of the SonyEricsson Creative Design Center from Lund/Sweden: My conclusion: expect a lot more […]

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