Murata acquires world's largest independent MEMS manufacturer VTI Technologies for € 195 million. Renamed to Murata Electronics Oy.

Murata “innovator in electronics” acquires world’s largest independent MEMS manufacturer VTI Technologies Oy

VTI Technologies Oy acquired by Murata for € 195 million from EQT III

by Gerhard Fasol

Capacitive MEMS sensor maker VTI Technologies Oy is a perfect fit for miniature ceramic capacitor specialist Murata Electronics Oy

Murata and private equity group EQT on October 11, 2011, announced the sale of VTI Technologies Oy to Murata for € 195 million. VTI Technologies Oy will be renamed Murata Electronics Oy, website:

VTI Technologies Oy

VTI Technologies Oy develops and manufactures acceleration, inclination, and angular momentum sensors using silicon based capacitive sensors based on proprietary 3D MEMS technology.

Net sales in 2010 were € 75.8 million.

EQT III acquired VTI from Breed Technologies in June 2002, VTI invested substantially in MEMS R&D and expanded sales by more than 75%.


EQT is a private equity fund, and was established in 1994 by Investor AB, AEA Investors, SEB and the founding partners.

  • 17 funds with about € 22 billion capital raised
  • Investment strategies: equity, mid market, infrastructure and credit
  • about 120 investments and 60 exits
  • approximately 140,000 employees and € 17 billion total sales within EQT portfolio companies
  • 19 offices in 14 countries


EQT III was established in 2001 with committed capital of € 2 billion and is now fully invested.

EQT III‘s focus was on medium-sized companies in Northern Europe in engineering, medical technology, telecom, automotive and branded consumer goods and business services.

Murata Manufacturing

Murata Manufacturing was founded by Akira Murata in Kyoto in October 1944, and focuses on ceramic passive electronics components, and manufactures the worlds smallest ceramic capacitors.

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