Heraeus Kulzer acquires EGS Srl (Enhanced Geometry Solutions)

Japanese companies’ strategy to overcome cultural post-merger problems: European subsidiaries acquire

Heraeus Kulzer acquires EGS, expanding both Mitsui Chemicals’ foot print in Europe and global market penetration for Mitsui Chemicals’ dental supplies business

Japanese companies are well known to have substantial difficulties with post merger integration as a consequence of massive cultural differences which need to be overcome for successful acquisitions. One way to mitigate these difficulties is for Japanese companies to acquire a substantial European company, make this acquisition a success, and then acquire additional companies via this first successfully integrated subsidiary. One example for this path is Dentsu with its Aegis acquisition, see: Dentsu acquires Aegis. Subsequently, Aegis acquires a string of companies all over Europe for Dentsu.

Mitsui Chemicals follows a similar strategy by first acquiring Heraeus Kulzer, which then again acquires the CAD/CAM specialist Enhanced Geometry Solutions, EGS Srl.

Enhanced Geometry Solutions, EGS Srl, makes 3D scanners, CAD software, and digital tools for scanning, modeling, designing workflow in dental laboratories.

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