Nikon enters medical sector with offer for acquisition of Optos plc – “The retina company”

Nikon diversifies from digital cameras to medical imaging

Retinal imaging market estimated to grow to US$ 530 million in 2019

Currently 70% of Nikon’s business are digital camera, a rapidly shrinking market due to the popularity of smartphone cameras.

Inspired by SONY‘s investment in medical imaging company Olympus, Nikon diversifies from digital cameras into medical imaging, acquiring the Scottish retinal imaging company Optos plc – “The retina company”.

Nikon is reported to have approached Optos plc in December 2014, but seems to have been rejected.

On February 27, 2015, NIKON Corporation and Optos plc jointly announced the agreement for a recommended cash offer my by NIKON for the entire issued and to be issued share capital of Optos. Details can be found on NIKON’s official website for the Optos offer, where NIKON essentially offers a total of UKL 250.48 million (US$ 387 million) for all shares of Optos.

Optos plc – The retina company

Optos plc was founded by Douglas Anderson in 1992 after his son became blind on one eye, because his retina detachment was diagnosed too late.

Optos plc had IPO on the London Stock Exchange in February 2006. Market capitalization on February 27, 2015 was UKL 250.48 million (US$ 387 million), jumping from approx. UKL 191 million (US$ 295 million) on February 26, 2015.

Optos has a market share of about 30% of the global market for retinal imaging. The global market size of devices for retinal imaging is growing and estimated to become US$ 530 million in 2019.

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