Sosei Group acquires Cambridge/UK based Heptares Therapeutics Ltd for up to US$ 400 million

Sosei Group acquires candidate drugs to compensate for expected loss of patent protection for the Seebri inhaler in 2026

Heptares Therapeutics Ltd emerged from the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology at the University of Cambridge

Sosei Group Corporation (そーせいグループ株式会社) is a Japanese pharmaceutical group which mainly in-licenses pharmaceutica in Europe and North America, then brings these pharmaceutica to Proof-of-Principle stage in Japan, and consecutively out-licenses these pharmaceutica for further development and marketing.

In 2026, Sosei is expected to lose patent protection for its Seebri inhaler, and to compensate for this expected loss in revenues, Sosei acquired the Cambridge (UK) based Heptares Therapeutics Ltd for up to US$ 400 million (US$ 180 million in cash plus up to US$ 220 million in incentives if certain milestones are reached).

Heptares Therapeutics Ltd

Heptares Therapeutics Ltd creates novel pharmaceutica targeting G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) using its StaR drug design technology.

Heptares Therapeutics Ltd started based on the research by Richard Henderson and Christopher Tate a the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology at the University of Cambridge (UK).

Heptares Therapeutics Ltd previously was funded by a consortium including MVM International Life Science Capital Management, Clarus Lifescience II LP, Novartis Bioventures Ltd., Takeda Ventures Inc. and the Stanley Family Foundation.

Sosei Group Corporation (そーせいグループ株式会社)

Sosei Group Corporation (そーせいグループ株式会社) was founded on June 22, 1990 with the main purpose to in-license pharmaceutica in the European and North American markets, to develop these pharmaceutica to the point of Proof-of-Principle (POP) in Phase 2a, and then to out-license these pharmaca for further development and marketing in Japan.

Sosei Group Corporation (そーせいグループ株式会社) is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Mothers Section (TSE 4565).

Sosei Group companies and subsidiaries

  • Holding Company: Sosei Group Corporation (そーせいグループ株式会社) (Tokyo and London, UK)
    • Sosei Co. Ltd.(株式会社そーせい) (Tokyo): pharmaceutical development and sales, business development in Japan
    • Sosei R&D Ltd. (London, UK): licensing and business development outside Japan
    • Activus Pharma Co., Ltd.(株式会社アクティバスファーマ) (Chiba, Japan): pharmaceutical development based on nano technology (APNT = Activus Pure Nano-particle Technology)
    • Jitsubo Co., Ltd. (JITSUBO株式会社)(Tokyo): development of peptide drugs, licensing of peptide API manufacturing technology, research related to discovery of peptide drug candidates. Acquired on December 11, 2014. Jitsubo KK was established in April 2005 by Professor Kazuhiro Chiba of the United Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. Sosei Group acquired 68.7% of voting rights for YEN 421 million (US$ 3.5 million)
    • Sosei CVC Ltd. (そーせいCVC株式会社 / そーせいコーポレートベンチャーキャピタル株式会社) (Tokyo): managing Sosei RMF1 (Regenerative Medicine Fund)

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