• Okaerinasai (=welcome back) IKEA

    Today, Monday April 24, 2006 at 7:30am, IKEA invited about 300 guests to celebrate the opening of the first 100% IKEA-owned IKEA store in Japan. We had the honor of working for IKEA – IKEA is another company that “thinks different” in so many creative ways. We wish them all the best in Japan! IKEA […]

  • Investor AB – briefing 30 Swedish CFOs about Japan

    by Gerhard Fasol Investor AB’s corporate academy Novare requested education about Japan’s technology industry sector Eurotechnology Japan KK educates 30 CFOs of Investor AB portfolio companies about Japan April 24, 2006 was my Swedish Day: for breakfast I was invited to IKEA’s opening party for their new store in Funabashi (I met even with the […]

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