Japanese investments in EU M&A mobile payment

net mobile AG majority stake acquired by NTT Docomo

globalizing Docomo’s mobile payment and content services

bringing German mobile know-how to Japan

On September 11, 2009, NTT Docomo announced a voluntary public tender offer for shares of net mobile AG. The tender offer was closed on November 27, 2009, and Docomo Deutschland GmbH acquired 6,126,567 shares at € 6.35 per share corresponding to 79.59% of the company, at a total acquisition cost of € 38.9 million, thus valuing net mobile AG at € 48.9 million.

Acquisition of Bankverein Werther AG to create Net-m Privatbank 1891 AG

On September 22, 2011, NTT Docomo announced the additional investment of up to € 28.4 million (YEN 3.1 billion) in net mobile AG, for the purpose of net mobile AG acquiring Bankverein Werther AG.

The company goes back to the foundation of the financial cooperative “Vorschussverein zu Werther”, which was founded in 1877 in Werther, near Bielefeld in Germany. In 1891, the Vorschussverein zu Werther was transformed into the bank “Bankverein Werther Aktiengesellschaft”. During 2011, Net Mobile AG acquired 93% of shares of Bankverein Werther AG. On December 1, 2011, the traditional banking business, including the trademark “Bankverein Werther” was sold to the regional bank “Volksbank Paderborn-Höxter-Detmold eG“.

With the sale of the traditional banking business and the tradename and brand, the bank reentered the market as Net-m Privatbank 1891 AG. At the end of 2012, Net Mobile AG acquired all remaining shares, so that Net-m Privatbank 1891 AG became a 100% owned subsidiary of net mobile AG.

net mobile AG

net mobile AG was founded on 9 October 2000 in Köln, and headquarters later the same year moved to Düsseldorf (Handelsregister/trade registry No. HRB 48022). In 2001, Net Mobile AG acquired SMS Infowelt. net mobile AG’s business at that time was marking info-SMS, ringing tunes, and other information services for mobile phones.

net mobile AG is a public company, traded at the Frankfurt and München Stock Exchanges (Freiverkehr).

Currently the market cap of net mobile AG is € 77 million (US$ 94 million).

Share ownership (according to the net-mobile website):

  • 87,13 % DOCOMO Deutschland GmbH, a 100& subsidiary of NTT Docomo Inc.
  • 12,87% traded on the Frankfurt and München stock exchanges

net mobile AG subsidiaries

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FDI Japanese investments in EU M&A mobile

Buongiorno SpA acquired by NTT Docomo for € 209 million (US$ 260 million)

NTT Docomo acquired Italian mobile content, apps and service provider in a public tender offer

Buongiorno SpA becomes fully owned subsidiary of NTT Docomo

NTT Docomo acquired mobile content provider Buongiorno SpA in August 2012 following a public tender offer via Docomo’s German subsidiary DOCOMO Deutschland GmbH. The shares were delisted from the Italian Stock Exchange on August 22, 2012.

Buongiorno SpA

Buongiorno Chairman Mauro Del Rio in 1995 sent email messages with the subject line “Buongiorno” (= good morning) to 11 friends with daily jokes, in 1998 Mauro Del Rio’s newsletters went to 25,000 people, creating the base for the company.

As of December 31, 2006, Buongiorno SpA had consolidated investments of € 157.2 million, and consolidated revenues of € 191.8 million, and consolidated net income of € 12.6 million, and approx. 659 employees.

Buongiorno SpA has grown through a series of acquisitions:

  • MyAlert in 2001
  • merger with Vitaminic in July 2003
  • Gsmbox in 2004
  • Freever (founded by Jerome Trainel, Philippe Tissot, and Pierre Duhau-Laurent) in 2005
  • Tutch NL in 2005
  • Dioranews in 2005
  • Inventa in 2006
  • Rocket Mobile in 2007
  • HotSMS
  • FlyTXT
  • iTouch in 2007
  • eDong Asia
  • Glamoo
  • in 2011
  • carve out B2B business into Lumata Group

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