Panasonic self-driving car technology: Ficosa investment

Panasonic restructures away from TVs and other commodities to automotive parts by Gerhard Fasol Panasonic self-driving car technology As part of the restructuring efforts, Panasonic invests in Spanish car parts maker Ficosa in order to jointly develop Panasonic self-driving car technology. We have documented in our blogs and reports on Japan’s electronics industry how Japan’s […]

Nokia to buy Panasonic’s mobile phone base station division

Nokia to acquire Panasonic System Networks by Gerhard Fasol Nokia to expand market share in Japan, Panasonic to focus on core business Panasonic, after years of weak financial performance, is focusing on core business. Nikkei reports that Panasonic is planning to sell the base station division, Panasonic System Networks, to Nokia. Nokia expands No. 1 […]

Panasonic Automotive acquires AUPEO! – streaming music into internet connected cars

Panasonic continues to restructure away from commodities Panasonic Automotive acquires AUPEO! to stream music into internet connected cars Japan’s electronics giants are under immense pressure to refocus away from commodities. Panasonic Automotive now acquires the German company AUPEO!, specialized on streaming music into internet connected cars. Aupeo was founded in Berlin’s startup scene in 2008 […]

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