Hitachi Consulting acquires operations management consulting firm Celerant Consulting at a value of about US$ 145 million

Hitachi Consulting growth is in line with Hitachi’s Smart Transformation

Hitachi Consulting aims to grow to US$ 1.5 billion annual revenues by FY2015

by Gerhard Fasol

Hitachi Consulting announced on January 2, 2013 the acquisition of the UK based operations management consulting firm Celerant Consulting.

Caledonia Investments announced the sale of its 47.3% ownership in Celerant Consulting for around 47.7 million pounds (US$ 68 million). Therefore we estimate that the full acquisition price of 100% of Celerant Consulting is around 92 million British Pounds (US$ 145 million).

Celerant Consulting

Celerant Consulting was founded in 1987 as Cambridge Management Consulting Limited by Ian P. Clarkson, and changed the name to Celerant Consulting Limited in May 2001. Headquarters are in Richmond (UK) and since December 31, 2012, Celerant Consulting Limited is a subsidiary of Hitachi Consulting Corporation.

Caledonia Investments invested in Celerant Consulting in May 2006, backing an MBO from Novell Inc.

Hitachi Consulting and Hitachi

Hitachi Consulting is part of the Hitachi Information & Telecommunications System Company (ITSC).

Hitachi is Japan’s largest electronics and electrical industry group. After about 17 years of stagnation, very low growth and very small profits, Hitachi was shell-shocked by approx. US$ 8 billion losses in FY2009 to embark on “Hitachi’s Smart Transformation”. Acquisition of Celerant Consulting is in line with Hitachi’s Smart Transformation, which includes a shift to profitable services and globalization.

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