Integralis AG acquired by NTT Communications and renamed NTT Com Security AG to offer managed security services

Integralis acquired by NTT Communications creating NTT Com Security AG

NTT Communications acquired 78.4% of Integralis AG which is renamed NTT Com Security AG

by Gerhard Fasol

Managed Security Services (MSS): Greschitz IT Security and Secode AB join NTT Com Security AG

On June 30, 2009, NTT Communications announced a public tender offer for the shares of Integralis AG offering € 6.75 in cash per share. Integralis at that point was traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Xetra).

In October NTT Communications acquired 78.4% of Integralis AG at a cost of € 59.1 million, to offer managed security services.

Integralis AG

The company was founded on 19 July 1993 as “Articon Fertigungsleitsysteme GmbH”, Articon Information Systems AG had IPO on the German Neuer Markt in 1998.

Integralis Ltd was founded in 1989.

On 29 February 2000, Articon Fertigungsleitsysteme GmbH and Integralis Ltd merged, and the resulting company was Articon-Integralis AG.

Integralis renamed NTT Com Security AG

On 24 June 2013, Integralis AG was renamed NTT Com Security AG.

NTT Com Security AG

NTT Com Security AG is a listed company, and the company’s shares are traded in the m:access segment of the open market of the Munich Stock Exchange. There are 13,036,844 outstanding shares.

Share holding (according to NTT Com Security AG website):

  • 78.30% NTT Communications Corporation
  • 2.31% treasury stock
  • 19.39% free float

NTT Com Security AG / Integralis acquires Austrian Greschitz IT Security

Thomas Greschitz founded Greschitz IT Security 1995 to focus on internet security, in particular Check Point firewall systems in Graz. 2000 the company moved from Graz to Vienna.

2007 Thomas Greschitz founded the company Greschitz Management GmbH.

2008 Thomas Greschitz sells Greschitz IT Security to Integralis AG.

2010 Thomas Greschitz leaves Greschitz IT Security to focus fully on Greschitz Management GmbH.

NTT Com Security AG acquires Swedish Secode AB

On August 11, 2010, NTT Communications Corporation announced the acquisition of all shares of Secode AB, a managed security services (MSS) provider operating in the Nordic countries. Secode AB’s security operation centers (SOCs) were folded into NTT Communications network of SOCs.

On December 1, 2011, NTT Communications transferred the shareholding in Secode AB to Integralis AG (today’s NTT Com Security AG), making Secode AB a fully owned subsidiary or Integralis AG (Today NTT Com Security AG).

Secode AB become part of NTT Com Security AG.

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