NTT DATA Business Solutions

Largest global SAP reseller and one of the largest SAP solution providers

On 23 October 2007, NTT DATA, NTT DATA Europe and itelligence AG announced a partnership, and NTT DATA announced to intention of an offer to acquire the shares at € 6.20 per share, about 37.2% higher than the closing price as of 22 October 2007.

On 13 November 2007, NTT DATA Europe published an offer to acquire outstanding shares. This offer ended at midnight on 2 January 2008, and NTT DATA Europe acquired 20,974,169 (= 87%) of outstanding shares, corresponding to an acquisition value of € 130 million, and a total company valuation of € 149.5 million.

On 29 January 2008, NTT DATA sold 2,459,523 shares to NTT Communications Corporation for € 15 million corresponding to € 6.10 per share, leaving NTT DATA with 18,514,646 shares.

On 20 December 2012, NTT DATA Europe announced that it had acquired an additional 3,831,574 shares (= 12.77%) in another tender offer, and an additional 1,317,605 shares (= 4.39%) outside this offer. As a result, NTT DATA holds a total of 29,544,428 shares (= 98.43%). Following this tender offer, NTT DATA proposed a “squeeze out” (aktienrechtlicher Squeeze-out) under the German Stock Corporation Act to acquire the remaining outstanding shares.

On 23 May 2013, the Annual General Meeting of itelligence AG approved the squeeze-out of remaining minority shareholders at a cash compensation of € 10.80 per share.

itelligence AG was delisted from the Stock Exchange in June 2013.

Thus itelligence AG on 23 May 2013 became a 100% owned subsidiary of NTT DATA Europe GmbH & Co KG, but will continue to operate as an independent group within the NTT DATA Group.

NTT DATA Business Solutions

In 2012 itelligence AG added to co-branding NTT DATA Business Solutions

itelligence AG “We make the most of SAP solutions!”

itelligence AG is a SAP solution provider.

Company history:

  • 1989 Herbert Vogel and Wolfgang Schmidt founded S&P as a management consulting firm focused on introducing SAP. S&P was one of SAP’s first partner companies.
  • 1994 S&P was converted into “SVP GmbH” (Schmidt Vogel & Partner)
  • 1999 SVP GmbH was converted into SVC AG (Schmidt Vogel Consulting) and listed in an IPO
  • On 7 May 2001, the shareholders of SVC AG Schmidt Vogel Consulting agreed in the merger with APCON AG, forming itelligence AG
  • On 23 October 2007, itelligence AG entered into a partnership with NTT DATA
  • On 23 May 2013 itelligence AG became a 100% owned subsidiary of NTT DATA and the shares of itelligence AG were delisted

itelligence AG acquisitions

itelligence AG (and therefore NTT DATA via itelligence) has acquired a number of companies in the SAP solutions field:

  • 2008: acquires shareholding in SAPCON a.s.
  • 2009: ADELANTE SAS: On 19 March 2010 intelligence acquired 51% of ADELANTE SAS.
  • 2009: Chelford SAP Solutions: on 6 August 2010, itelligence AG acquired 100% of Chelford SAP Solutions
  • 2009: acquires RPF Consulting LLC
  • 2009: acquires participation in 2B Interactive
  • 2010: 2C Change A/S: on 14 June 2011, itelligence AG acquired 60% of 2C change A/S and an option to acquire the remaining 40%
  • 2011: acquired 100% of CONTEMPORARY plc
  • 2011: acquired Blueprint Management Systems
  • 2012: acquired 60% of interest in Elsys
  • 2013: on 1 Nov 2013 acquired 100% of Aster Group
  • 2013: itelligence AG acquired the SAP consulting, licensing and maintenance businesses from Software AG
  • 2014: on 1 October 2014 acquired Symphony Management Consulting

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