nidec 日本電産株式会社

Nidec acquires power generators manufacturer Motortecnica s.r.l.

Nidec continues acquisitions in Europe in the motor and electrical equipment sector

Nidec: “for everything that spins and moves”

Nidec acquired the Italian electrical machinery construction and repair company Motortecnica s.r.l. on May 15, 2015 via its Italian subsidiary Nidec ASI S.p.A. (formerly, Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali S.p.A), which Nidec had acquired in May 2012.

Motortecnica s.r.l.

Motortecnica was established in 1989 in Salerno (Italy) by Antonio Iorio for the repair of electrical machines. Motortecnica has 77 employees and € 11 million in revenues for the fiscal year ending with December 31, 2014.

Motortecnica is focused on:

  • planning and production of electric machines such as motors and generators
  • construction of electric machine parts: stator coils, rotor coils, connections, whole rotors, whole stators
  • machining
  • diagnostics and repair of electric machines

Motortecnica moved to new headquarters in September 2013 workshops and factory includes:

  • Automatic brazing machine MPM 3000
  • CNC Machining units
  • Vertical lathes
  • Electric furnaces
  • Cut and skin
  • Impulse generators
  • Automatic Meter Zeiss
  • Alternating voltage generator 50 kV – 200 kVA
  • Ridgway Taping machine
  • Stator coil spindle-moulding machine
  • Roebel Transposition press
  • Instrumentation
  • Thermopresse
  • Laser cutter
  • Waterjet
  • Balancing machines maximum 30 tons

Motortecnica invests in equipment, technology and production and maintenance:

  • 2008: € 1 million
  • 2009: € 2 million
  • 2010: € 2.5 million
  • 2011: € 1.5 million
  • 2012: € 1 million
  • 2013: € 2 million
  • 2014: € 1.2 million

Nidec ASI S.p.A. (formerly, Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali S.p.A)

Nidec had acquired Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali S.p.A in May 2012, and renamed the company: Nidec ASI S.p.A. Nidec ASI’s business includes:

  • large industrial motors
  • generators
  • low and high voltage drives
  • industrial system automation and service with focus on the oil & gas, metals, renewable energy, marine and general industry sectors

nidec (日本電産株式会社)

Nidec was founded in 1944 in Kyoto by Nagamori Shigenobu, and produces motors, machinery, optical parts, camera shutters and other electro-mechanical equipment.

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