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Japanese consortium of trading company Sojitz, Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance and Kansai Electric invest in five Irish wind farms

Irish wind energy €300m investment

Irish wind energy investments were announced by trading company Sojitz, Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance and Kansai Electric Power Corporation.

Sojitz, Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance and Kansai Electric Power Corporation have established the special purpose company ShaMrocK Wind Limited.

ShaMrocK Wind Limited will acquire 60% of shares in Evalair Wind Limited from Invisible Energy for a reported €300m, valuing Evalair Wind Limited at €500m.

Note the interesting composition of the Japanese investment joint venture ShaMrocK Wind Limited: the Japanese trading company Sojitz, the Mitsubishi group leasing unit, and Kansai Electric Power Corporation. In this combination, Sojitz contributes international business experience and know-how, and private-equity type investment know-how, Mitsubishi’s leasing unit provides financing know-how, while Kansai Electric Power contributes electricity operator know-how. At the same time, the Japanese consortium gains wind power knowledge, since wind power development in Japan is in relatively earlier stages of development than in Europe, see: https://www.eurotechnology.com/store/j_renewable/

Evalair Wind Limited

Evalair Wind Limited is a wind power plant operating company.

Directors: Michael Murnane, David Murnane

Share holders

  • ShaMrocK Limited: 60%
  • Invis Energy (JV between Michael Murnane, Craydel Group, HG Capital): 40%

Invis/Evalair Wind power: 5 plants, 223.4MW, 97 turbines

  1. Knocknagoum, County Kerry
    • 44.4 MW
    • turbines: 26 (4 x Vestas V90 2MW; 5 x Vestas V90 3MW; 6 x Vestas V80 2MW; 11 x Vestas V52 0.85MW)
    • Energy yield: 133.1 GWh/Year
    • Capacity factor: 34%
  2. Leitir Guingaid Leitir Peic, County Galway
    • 44.0 MW
    • turbines: 17 (10 x Enercon E82 2.3MW (LG); 7 x Enercon E82 3MW (LP))
    • Energy yield: 134.4 GWh/Year
    • Capacity factor: 35%
  3. Knockduff, County Cork
    • 65.0 MW
    • turbines: 26 (Nordex N90 2.5MW)
    • Energy yield: 229.9 GWh/Year
    • Capacity factor: 40%
  4. Killaveenoge, County Cork
    • 25.0 MW
    • turbines: 10 (Nordex N90 2.5MW)
    • Energy yield: 80.5 GWh/Year
    • Capacity factor: 37%
  5. Slievecallan West, County Clare
    • 45.0 MW
    • turbines: 18 (Nordex N90 2.5MW)
    • Energy yield: 170.0 GWh/Year
    • Capacity factor: 43%

ShaMrocK Wind Limited

ShaMrocK Wind Limited is a special purpose company to invest in Evalair Ltd.

Headquarter: London
Incorporated: 24 July 2017


  • Mirai Power Europe Limited: 48.8%
    • Sojitz Corporation: 75%
    • Sojitz Europe plc: 25%
  • KPIC Netherlands B.V (wholly owned by Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.): 40%
  • Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Company Limited: 11.2%

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