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Dentsu acquires Gleam Futures via Dentsu Aegis Network as a cultural bridge

Dentsu uses London based Dentsu Aegis Network as a cultural bridge to acquire representation of about 40 YouTube stars

Dentsu acquires Gleam Futures: invests to acquire 90% ownership

Dentsu acquires Gleam Futures, who “develop, monetize & protect” digital-first talent, ie mainly YouTube focused stars.

Japanese companies have a dramatically different culture than Western, European or US companies, and Dentsu is one of Japan’s more traditional companies, at the same time home to Japanese creative talent.

To bridge this gap in cultures, Dentsu acquired the French/UK company Aegis Group plc on 5 July 2012, creating Dentsu Aegis Network. Dentsu has used Dentsu Aegis Network as a bridge head for many acquisitions in Europe and the Mediterranean are, bridging cultural differences.

Gleam Futures: “We manage digital-first talent”

Gleam Futures describe their business as “we develop, monetize & protect” digital-first talent, e.g. YouTube stars.

  • Established: 2010
  • Employees: 37
  • Talents: 40
  • Combined subscriber base: approx. 60 million
  • Revenues: UK Pounds 4.35 million (Fiscal Year ending Dec 2016
  • Founder & CEO: Dominic Smales


11,838,878 subscribers as of 22 June 2017

Caspar Lee

7,197,168 subscribers as of 22 June 2017

Marcus Butler

4,611,346 subscribers as of 22 June 2017

Total: approx. 60 million subscribers

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