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  • Canon offers SEK 23.6 Billion for CCTV leader Axis AB

    Canon aims for leadership in the US$ 15 billion global video surveillance market by Gerhard Fasol Canon offers 50% premium on Axis Aktiebolag share price of Monday Feb 9, 2015 Canon is one of Japan’s most successful electronics groups, with imaging as one of Canon‘s core business areas. On February 10, 2015, Canon launched a […]

  • Video surveillance specialist Milestone Systems A/S acquired by Canon

    Canon acquires video surveillance specialist Milestone Systems A/S in June 2014 Milestone Systems A/S is a leading IP based video management software (VMS) and network video recorder (NVR) provider for video surveillance Milestone System was founded in 1998 to apply IP technology from the financial sector to the surveillance video sector, which had previously been […]

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