Video surveillance specialist Milestone Systems A/S acquired by Canon

Canon acquires video surveillance specialist Milestone Systems A/S in June 2014

Milestone Systems A/S is a leading IP based video management software (VMS) and network video recorder (NVR) provider for video surveillance

Milestone System was founded in 1998 to apply IP technology from the financial sector to the surveillance video sector, which had previously been predominantly analogue.

10 July 2008, Index Ventures announced an investment of $27 million (17 million Euros) into Milestone Systems.

IHD estimates that the video surveillance market size is on the order of US$ 13 billion, while Milestone Systems A/S is estimated to have an 8% market share.

Milestone Systems A/S

Milestone Systems A/S

Founded in 1998 by Henrik Friborg and John Blem by applying their knowledge of IP technology for real-time financial systems to digital video surveillance, replacing previously mainly analogue recording techniques.

In June 2014 Milestone Systems A/S was acquired by Canon, reports to Canon Europe, but works as a stand-alone company.

Revenues: DKK 709 million (= US$ 110 million) (2016)
Operating incomee: DKK 121 million (= US$ 19 million) (2016)
Net income: DKK 42 million (= US$ 6.5 million) (2016)
Employees: 600 (2015)

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