Aquafadas SAS acquired by Rakuten via e-reader company Kobo

Kobo acquires French digital publishing tool company Aquafadas

Rakuten acquired e-reader manufacturer Kobo

Rakuten acquired 100% of e-reader manufacturer Kobo for US$ 315 million in cash in January 2012.

Kobo announced the acquisition of French digital publishing company Aquafadas on October 10, 2012.


http://www.aquafadas.com was founded in Montpeller in 2004 by Matthieu Kopp (CTO) and Claudia Zimmer (CEO). Today headquarters are located in the Montpellier International Business Incubator’s (MIBI).

“Aquafadas” is the combination of “Aqua”, the name for Apple OSX’ graphical user interface and “fada”, which is the goddess of inspiration (Muse) in Occitan (the original language used in the Provence).

Tools include:

  • InDesign Authoring: publishing customer mobile apps for iOS and Android using Adobe InDesign
  • Cloud Authoring: conversion of print to interactive mobile apps, e-books and web applications
  • CreativeFlow: creating of digital magazine apps
  • ConversionFlow: importing print documents to smartphones, tablets and web
  • Aquafadas Viewer
  • AppFactory
  • ComicComposer
  • Cloud Connect
  • App Marketing Tools
  • SDK Packages

Desktop apps include:

  • MotionComposer
  • BannerZest
  • PulpMotion
  • KidsMotion
  • SnapFlow
  • iDive
  • Videopier

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