Horizon Nuclear Power acquired by Hitachi for £696 million

Hitachi to build 6 GigaWatt of nuclear power in UK

by Gerhard Fasol

E.ON and RWE to withdraw, Chinese consortium lost bid

In tune with Germany’s “Energiewende”, E.ON and RWE npower decided to sell Horizon Nuclear Power.

On October 29, 2012 Hitachi Ltd (株式会社日立製作所) announced the agreement to acquire Horizon Nuclear Power for £696 million (approx. US$ 1 billion), and the purchase was completed on November 26, 2012.

One of the bidders was a joint venture between China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group and China National Nuclear Corporation, however dropped out of the competition.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) will reportedly be undertaken by a joint venture of Hitachi Ltd (株式会社日立製作所), Babcock, Rolls-Royce, and SNC-Lavalin Group.

UK is planning to invest £110 billion to replace existing nuclear power stations with modern designs.

Horizon Nuclear Power

Horizon Nuclear Power was founded in 2009 as a joint venture between E.ON and RWE npower with the plan to build a nuclear power station with 6 GigaWatt capacity on a site close to the Oldbury and Wylfa nuclear power stations.

Wylfa nuclear power station is located near Wylfa Newydd (Isle of Anglesey) and can be found here on Google-Maps.

Oldbury nuclear power station is located about 23 miles from Bristol (UK), Oldbury (South Gloucestershire, on the banks of the Severn Estuary), and can be found here on Google-Maps.

Horizon Nuclear Power plans:

  • Wylfa Newydd (Isle of Anglesey): two Advanced Boiling Water Reactors (WBWRs) planned delivering 2.7 GigaWatt
  • Oldbury (South Gloucestershire): 2.7 GigaWatt planned

Hitachi Ltd (株式会社日立製作所)

Hitachi Ltd (株式会社日立製作所) aims to grow its nuclear business to YEN 360 billion/year (approx US$ 3 billion) by 2021.

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