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fine trade gmbh acquired by NTT Docomo

NTT Docomo expands e-commerce trading solutions platform

On August 27, 2013 NTT Docomo announced the planned acquisition of the Austrian company fine trade gmbh, which offers payment solutions to e-commerce and m-commerce companies.

The acquisition price has been reported to be “several tens of millions of EUROs”. Docomo acquired

via Docomo’s German subsidiary DOCOMO Deutschland GmbH (DDL).

fine trade gmbh

fine trade gmbh was founded in 2011.

fine trade gmbh’s business model

fine trade gmbh offers online merchants over 180 different payment options, billing and collection services, including deferred payments against invoice.

fine trade manages credit risks and evaluates shopping data.


Loviit is a payment solution provider, taking care of all payment processing and credit management for online retailers. Loviit enables e-commerce and m-commerce providers to offer a full range of payment options.

NTT Docomo’s growing finance and payment platform business in Europe

Through the acquisitions of:

Docomo is continuing to build a platform for finance and payments in Europe and elsewhere.

NTT Docomo offers this payment and finance platform as a B2B service to mobile operators, content and service providers and e-commerce and m-commerce markets.

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