Asahi Group Holdings acquires Peroni Nastro Azurro, Grolsch and Meantime

Asahi Group Holdings agreed to acquire Miller Brands UK for an acquisition price of €2550 million (approx. US$ 2.5 billion) to become Asahi UK, as part of Asahi Group’s Europe strategy:

Asahi Group Holdings (アサヒグループホールディングス株式会社)

  • founded in 1889 in Osaka as the Osaka Beer Company (大阪麦酒会社)
  • listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE2502)
  • with about 38% market share, the largest of Japan’s top four breweries and beverage groups
  • Employees: 287 (at Holding Company level)
  • net sales (FY 2018) ¥2120.3 billion (US$ 21 billion)

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Yanmar to acquire 70% of Himoinsa

Diesel engine maker Yanmar to partner with generator manufacturer Himoinsa

Yanmar and Himoinsa to provide solutions for energy markets including cogeneration

On April 27, 2015, diesel engine maker Yanmar and electricity generator maker Himoinsa announced a partnership, including Yanmar to acquire 70% of Himoinsa, to strengthen their solution business for energy markets including cogeneration.

Both Yanmar and Himoinsa are privately held companies, so the amount of information released is quite thin, however we can expect this partnership to help Himoinsa to strengthen business in Asia, where Himoinsa is active since 1999 and currently achieves about 20% of business, while Yanmar will be able to strengthen business particularly in the Hispanic parts of the world.

On the technical and product side, we can expect a range of jointly developed products.

Yanmar has supplied diesel engines for Himoinsa generators since 2006.

Himoinsa – “The Energy”

Himoinsa was founded in 1982, and is based in San Javier, Murcia, Spain.

Himoinsa manufactures and markets products including:

  • diesel generators from 3 kiloWatt to 3 MegaWatt
  • fas generators from 3 kiloWatt to 3 MegaWatt
  • diesel generators from 8 Watt to 3.5 MegaWatt
  • lighting towers up to 1.32 Mega-Lumen

Annual revenues are on the order of US$ 300 million:

  • 50% of revenues in Europe and Africa
  • 30% of revenues in the Americas
  • 20% of revenues in Asia Pacific, where Himoinsa started in 1999.

Currently nine production centers, including:

  • Headquarters and main factory in Murcia, Spain, including R&D Centre.
  • Plant Metal 1, Murcia
  • Plant Metal 2, Murcia
  • Himoinsa, China in Changzhou (Jiangsu)
  • Hipower Systems, Lenexa, Kansas, USA
  • Genelec S.A.S, Villefranche sur saone, France.
  • Control & Switchgear Himoinsa PVT Ltd, production site at Pantnagar, Uttaranchal, India.
  • Brazil
  • Argentina

Yanmar Holdings KK (ヤンマーホールディングス株式会社) – “Solutioneering Together”

Yanmar Holdings KK (ヤンマーホールディングス株式会社) is privately held:

  • Consolidated revenues: YEN 650.7 billion (US$ 5 billion) FY 2013, ended March 31, 2014
  • Consolidated operating income: YEN 44.8 billion (US$ 0.37 billion) FY 2013, ended March 31, 2014
  • Group employees: 16,678 as of March 31, 2014

Yamaoka Magokichi (山岡 孫吉, March 22, 1888 – March 8, 1962) founded the company “Yamaoka Engine Manufacturing” (山岡発動機工作所) in March 1912, trading in gas engines. In 1921 the brand/trademark Yanmar (ヤンマー) was created.

In 1920 the company began to produce small oil engines for agricultural applications.

In 1947 the company began to produced small diesel engines for fishing boats, and in 1952, the company name was changed to Yanmar Diesel KK (ヤンマーディーゼル株式会社).

In 2010 the company adopted the slogan “Solutioneering Together”.

On April 1, 2013, the group was restructured under the holding company Yanmar Holdings KK (ヤンマーホールディングス株式会社) .

Yanmar produces mainly diesel engines, and also a range of related products including:

  • fishing boats
  • hulls for ships
  • tractors
  • combine harvesters
  • rice-planting machines
  • gas heat pumps
  • snow throwers
  • mini excavators
  • portable diesel generators
  • and other equipment and machinery

Unmanned aerial vehicles – UAV, drones

Since approx. 1995, Yanmar also develops and markets unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV, drones) including:

  • Yanmar YH300 SL
  • Yanmar AYH-3


Himoinsa and Yanmar jointly offer a range of cogeneration solutions.

Cogeneration is the joint production of heat and electricity and can save substantial amounts of primary energy compared to the separate production of heat and electricity in separate plants.

Yanmar advertising and branding

ヤン坊マー坊天気予報 (Yanbou and Mabou weather forecast)

In Japan Yanmar became famous for very characteristic and successful advertising.

Yanmar used two mascots (Yanbou and Mabou) for sponsoring weather forecast (ヤン坊マー坊天気予報) on TV between June 1, 1959 and March 31, 2014:

  • ヤン坊 (ヤンぼう, Yanbou)
  • マー坊 (マーぼう, Mabou)

In July 2013 the official Yanbou Mabou Weatherforecast site was closed – read the official notice here.

You can find this branding explained on Yanmar’s website here.

And you can listen to Yanmar’s famous TV Commercial song here.

And have all your questions answered here.

Look for yourself

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CSC Media Group (of UK) acquired by SONY for 107 million pounds

CSC Media Group of UK (formerly Chart Show Channels) owns 19 cable and satellite channels acquired by SONY

CSC Media Group acquisition for UKL 107 million

On June 26, 2014 SONY announced the acquisition of the CSC Media Group of UK for a total of 107 million pounds from the major shareholder Veronis Suhler Stevenson.

CSC Media Group owns and operates 16 satellite and cable channels in the UK.

With this acquisition SONY owns 25 TV channels in Great Britain, and about 64 channels globally.

We believe that with this acquisition SONY aims to strengthen the profitability of content distribution to accompany the restructuring of SONY’s loss making electronics division, which includes the production of TV sets.

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explido acquired by Dentsu and to be integrated into Dentsu’s iProspect brand

Dentsu acquires German performance and search agency explido

explido to be integrated by Dentsu into iProspect brand

by Gerhard Fasol

On February 28, 2014 Dentsu announced further European investments in its quest to strengthen its global footprint: Dentsu acquires German performance and search agency explido and integrates explido into Dentsu’s iProspect business and brand.

explido GmbH & Co KG – Agentur für digitales Marketing und Vertrieb

explido GmbH & Co KG offers digital marketing services, was founded in October 2002 in Augsburg, Germany, and employs about 135 people.

explido achieved about EURO 11.7 million gross profits annually.

Dentsu and Dentsu-Aegis

Dentsu dominates Japan’s advertising space, and is a very very strong force in Japan’s media industry sector, through control and management of major advertising channels with an overwhelming market share in Japan, and has been working hard to leverage its creative power and strength in Japan into a larger global footprint.

A big step forward towards a larger global footprint for Dentsu was the acquisition of the London based Aegis Group, announced on July 5, 2012.

Report on Japan’s media markets (150 pages, pdf file):

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fine trade gmbh acquired by NTT Docomo

NTT Docomo expands e-commerce trading solutions platform

On August 27, 2013 NTT Docomo announced the planned acquisition of the Austrian company fine trade gmbh, which offers payment solutions to e-commerce and m-commerce companies.

The acquisition price has been reported to be “several tens of millions of EUROs”. Docomo acquired

via Docomo’s German subsidiary DOCOMO Deutschland GmbH (DDL).

fine trade gmbh

fine trade gmbh was founded in 2011.

fine trade gmbh’s business model

fine trade gmbh offers online merchants over 180 different payment options, billing and collection services, including deferred payments against invoice.

fine trade manages credit risks and evaluates shopping data.


Loviit is a payment solution provider, taking care of all payment processing and credit management for online retailers. Loviit enables e-commerce and m-commerce providers to offer a full range of payment options.

NTT Docomo’s growing finance and payment platform business in Europe

Through the acquisitions of:

Docomo is continuing to build a platform for finance and payments in Europe and elsewhere.

NTT Docomo offers this payment and finance platform as a B2B service to mobile operators, content and service providers and e-commerce and m-commerce markets.

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Nidec acquires Valeo SA’s motors and actuators business for €142 million

Nidec agreed with Valeo SA to acquire Valeo’s Motors & Actuators (VMA) business for approximately €142 million. The acquisition was agreed on November 14, 2006, and the transaction was completed on December 27, 2006.

Reasons for the acquisition

  • Nidec acquires sales and business channels into the automotive industry, where track record is required
  • Talent acquisition of highly qualified in-car motors engineers
  • Contribute to Nidec’s globalization: VMA operators in Europe, North-America and China.

Valeo’s Motors & Actuators (VMA) business

  • Business: manufacturing electric motors for automobiles. Motors for airflow systems, body closure systems, seat positioning systems, brake systems.
  • Employees: approx. 1700
  • Net sales: €253 million (FY ending December 31, 2005)

Resulting Nidec subsidiaries after completion of acquisition

Holding and administration company: Nidec Motors & Actuators in France


Nidec “everything that spins and moves”

Nidec was founded by Chairman Shigenobu Nagamori in 1973 in Kyoto, and focuses on “everything that spins and moves”.

Learn about Nidec and Japan’s electronics industries

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