TOSHIBA sells KONE holding for approx. US$ 0.95 billion

Toshiba sells its 4.6% holding in Finnish elevator company KONE TOSHIBA sells KONE holding – fall-out from Toshiba’s accounting issues TOSHIBA sells KONE holding: In the wake of Toshiba’s accounting issues, Toshiba announced the sale of its 24,186,720 shares, corresponding to a 4.6% holding in Finnish elevator company KONE for EURO 864.7 million (YEN 118 […]

Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation (TELC) and KONE enter into capital alliance

Toshiba Elevators and Finnish KONE invest in each other Toshiba Elevators sends one Director to KONE’s Board, and KONE sends two Directors to Toshiba Elevator’s Board On December 20, 2001, Toshiba Elevator and KONE announced, that in March 2002,: TELC will issue new shares and increase its capital, and KONE will acquire a 20% holding […]

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