Rakuten acquires 80% of German e-commerce platform Tradoria

Rakuten continues global expansion

Competing with Amazon.com….

On July 28, 2011, Rakuten announced the acquisition of 80% of Germany’s e-commerce site Tradoria for a “double-digit million” amount.

Tradoria has been rebranded as Rakuten.de and has become part of Rakuten Deutschland GmbH.


Tradoria was founded in 2007, and today has more than 4400 online stores offering approximately 8 million products.

Tradoria is based in Bamberg, and before the acquisition by Rakuten, investors included:

  • Seventure Partners (about 24 %)
  • DuMont Venture (about 19 %)
  • European Founders Fund of the Samwer brothers (about 11 %)

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